college splash page

CHALLENGE: AT&T wanted to design a landing page that would reach the College Market. SOLUTION:This page was designed with a live flash demo built in to show two students chatting online in a social network type setting.

e-Newsletter (email and landing page)

Up To Speed is AT&T’s largest interactive product, a customer loyalty newsletter sent out to the entire AT&T email database – about 5 million people. From the time I took the product over, the newsletter set records across all interactive properties. The Email returned with a 30% open rate and a 5% click through rate. This is extremely high for almost any email. The landing page contains little or no “hard sell,” just general entertainment and informational content. It consistently sold more than any product email on a regular basis.

Email and Splash Page

Challenge: Create an interactive experience with email and landing page that would appeal to the customers of both AT&T and Starbucks while fitting into the brand of each.

Solution: Using a creation metaphor to build on the partnership.