Brett Moneta

Brett is a 20-year veteran of marketing and media with a wide range of practical experience, from digital content strategy and web content to copywriting and advertising. If you need content developed or an integrated strategy that  combines web, video, social media, email newsletters, SEM and SEO, banners, presentations and even handouts, Brett can help you make it happen.

To learn more about the projects he’s worked on, look around. Then, give him a call to see how he can help you get noticed.


CHALLENGE: Abbott Labs was lacking in public presence.

SOLUTION: My firm’s recommendation was to advertise its corporate citizenship in a national magazine as one of the top companies for working mothers.


content redesign

CHALLENGE: had not been altered in several years. The goal – to build trust with consumers by educating them.

SOLUTION: a complete content overhaul, with a new product catalog that standardized mattresses across product categories, giving customers an informed choice. After substantial research, I was able to create a completely new taxonomy and content for the product catalog.

Mattress Firm
Mattress Firm

Contest Communications

Microsite, email process flow and associated goodies.


HEB is a regional Texas grocery chain  (also owner of Central Market) with a strong following in Texas.

I designed a site map for a complete micro site, as well as an  email process flow for all responses. I also wrote the all of the above materials. The campaign involved user submitting their homemade HEB commercials, with the winners having their commercial professionally created.

It was an extremely high-profile campaign, ending with a super bowl commercial featuring Emmit Smith. The result was overwhelmingly successful, with over 300 homemade commercials submitted.

Below is a sample of the videos page on the site.


An added “share with a friend” element. Seen here is the email response page.


corporate communications

This newsletter was created for CompuCom Systems. It was distributed in print and on the company Intranet. The newsletter continued to be the only source of communication for thousands of company employees. Months after I resurrected the company’s Intranet, management saw the value and rebuilt its marketing department.


international magazine ad/advertorial

Peace Software is one of New Zealand’s largest employers. Like other companies, they find it difficult to bring in young new talent. After going to a University, most young people go abroad on an overseas experience. Peace put together a full page ad, along with a mock editorial interviewing one of their new employees. The goal of this piece was to convince young people to get a jump start on their workplace competition by getting experience at Peace Software right away.


e-Newsletter (email and landing page)

Up To Speed is AT&T’s largest interactive product, a customer loyalty newsletter sent out to the entire AT&T email database – about 5 million people. Their goal: take it to the next level.
From the time I took the product over, the newsletter set records across all interactive properties. The Email returned with a 30% open rate and a 5% click through rate. This is extremely high for almost any email. The landing page contains little or no “hard sell,” just general entertainment and informational content. It consistently sold more than any product email on a regular basis.

…and the corresponding landing page/ Newsletter