As a Creative Leader

Brett will change your company for the better. How? Well, I could tell you that he’s a smart and strategic manager who motivates his employees to do their best work. But there’s so much more to it than that. Under his leadership, a team of four other writers and I were tasked with giving our company website a major overhaul in terms of content, layout, optimization and overall presentation. Less than 6 months after Brett put together this team and took on this project, our company reached record sales of $2 million in a single day.

And then we did it again. And again.

Brett will be the first to be modest about this fact and say it was a team effort and a company effort, but there is absolutely no doubt that his leadership and technical skill played an indispensable role in the current success that this company experiences today.

Several other projects were brought to our team following the first website overhaul, and Brett successfully distributed those duties and managed the multi-armed, web content-producing machine that he created. Not only is he a great manager, but he also possesses a wealth of technical skills from HTML to interactive marketing strategy to copywriting to SEO to video editing to CMS and more. His hands-on knowledge of these technical skills contribute to his great management abilities as he is able to understand his employees from the ground up.

However, what truly makes Brett a great leader is his intuitive understanding of people, his compassion, his honesty, his integrity and his absolute commitment to producing great work. He is someone whom you can always depend on and who – through his leadership, wealth of knowledge, and positive presence – brings out the best in those around him. If you want your business to grow, to succeed, to be a better place, to have happier employees, and to create great and meaningful work, then trust it in Brett’s hands.

Gemma Carpenter, Content Editor, CheapCaribbean.com

As an Interactive Copywriter

“Brett was always a writer that I could count on to provide me with excellent copy that worked great for every project we ever worked on together. He always offers a smart solution or alternative and brings a ton of creativity to any project he is tasked with. Whenever I heard that he was going to be the writer on the project I was art directing, I smiled. Yup. 

Rondo Estrello, Art Director, Javelin Direct

“Brett is an excellent Interactive “brain” and I enjoyed working with Brett on many different solutions. Brett has a tremendous ability to “think big” and look at an issue with a true channel agnostic perspective. Brett thrives in an open and progressive environment and Brett will add value and experience to any team. I wholeheartedly recommend Brett and I am confident that his work will speak for itself.” 

Michael Radigan, Vice President, Interactive, Javelin Direct / OMNICOM

“Brett is an idea guy who takes strategy and “big-picture thinking” very seriously. He has a great sense of humor and knows how to put it to use. He’s a self-propelled, experienced writer with great initiative.” 

Lori Tutt, Associate Creative Director, Javelin Direct

“Looking for clear, objective writing that is a) compelling, b) comprehensive yet concise and c) persuasive as all get-out? You can’t do better than Brett. It’s what he does, and nobody does it better.” 

Floyd Eggen, Senior Copywriter, Javelin Direct

As a Project-Based Freelancer

“Brett is a very talented copywriter who is able to take the overall marekting strategy and create innovative, out of the box copy that produces results. He is creative and know what it takes to get the job done on time and within budget. Brett well-represented the Creative Group and I would definitely work with him again!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Marissa Mathews, Creative Group

As a Content Strategist

“As a Content Lead at Razorfish during Brett’s tenure here, I got to see him in many different professional situations. He was always passionate and enthusiastic — and he always got his work done on time. Brett is an “out-of-the-box” thinker and will absolutely thrive in a like-minded environment. Brett’s a keeper!” 

Ken Herbst, Sr. Creative Strategist / Merger Manager, AT&T / Avenue A – Razorfish

As Marketing Communications Specialist

“Brett is a focused, detail-oriented, highly responsive professional. He supported my organization at CompuCom from an engagement and proposal response perspective. He has a strong, can-do attitude and is willing to be creative and think outside the box to come up with solutions to address a variety of business issues. I highly recommend Brett and believe he has what it takes to be successful in whatever position he chooses.” 

Jeffrey Grubb, Area Services Manager, CompuCom Systems, Inc.

“Likeable and easy to work with, Brett performed his primary role well while at the same time looking for ways to expand our department and company’s visibility, both internally and externally. His self-starting initiative was refreshing and appreciated.” 

David Sparks, Senior Proposal Manager, CompuCom

As a Digital Content Specialist

“Brett is a rare talent. He has excellent copywriting skills combined with a robust understanding of the interactive space. His mind quickly grasps new concepts and can quickly bring them to life. Brett has proven himself to be calm under pressure and excellent at working effectively with difficult people. I strongly recommend Brett for any web / interactive position.” 

Steve Holland, Creative Director, Verizon

As an HR Branding Specialist/ Senior Copywriter

“Brett really knows his craft, and has a way of bringing new life and a fresh perspective to any project he touches. His positive attitude, passion for excellence and ability to work well with others make him a joy to work with … and a good fit anywhere!” 

Sharon Collins, Sr. Studio Manager, BSA Advertising


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